Birth Date :1950 16th June

Nickname : Gauranga / Gaur

Pen Name : Rana Rez

Stardom Name : Mithun Chakraborty

Childhood Place : 20C, Mathur Sen Garden Lane

Landmark : Jodabagan, North Kolkata

Mother : Santirani Chakraborty

Father :Basantokumar Chakraborty

Wife : Yogita Bali

Children : Mimo, Rimo,Nimo & Daughter Dishani

Favourite Artist : Uttam Kumar , Amitav Bacchan , Suchitra Sen , Nargis

Favourite Directors : Satyajit Ray , Mrinal sen

Favourite Players : Sunil Gavaskar , Saurav Ganguly , Kapil Dev

Friends : 25 yrs with Nepali Bahadur

Favourite Wine Brand :Benson and Hezes


Source : From the book Marbo eakhane laash porbe soshane


Mithun Chakraborty comes from a very poor family. He was loitering the streets of Kolkata like everyone does. Mrinal Sen one of the most admired directors of Bengal spotted some talent in Mithun and signed him for an Adi Vaasi’s role in "MRIGAYAA". I was just a student then and used to get into any cinema hall showing Bollywood,Hollywood and Tollywood films. I was a avid cinegoer seeing almost three films a day. Those days Cinema Halls were the only means of entertainment.My Late Father Shri. T A RAM NATHEN too was interested in movies. One day as usual I was loitering outside cinema halls and found MITHUN’s maiden release "MRIGAYAA" being released at Light House cinema then the pride of Kolkata. I immediately booked a ticket and sat inside the hall expecting a mediocre film with the newcomer Mithun and Mamata Shankar. The movie started and slowly and steadily I got engrossed to the charishma of Mithun the actor. His acting made me sit spellbound and I started seeing sparks in his twinkling eyes. By the time INTERMISSION came Mithun had grabbed every ones heart. I went out as usual to smoke a cigarette .There was commotion in the first floor of the house and people started shouting that "TOMORROWS HERO MITHUN" is there to speak to one and all. As I was so curious to see him in flesh and blood I ran helter skelter and caught hold of his hand and wished him all the best. Director Mrinal Sen,actress Mamata Shankar,cinematographer Mhajan too were there by his side. I shook hand with every one spoke high of budding actor called MITHUN CHAKRABORTY. Mithun smiled humbly and won every ones heart instantly. As the bell rang we all rushed back to the hall to take our seat.The film was over with thumping applause for Mithun and we hailed loudly ‘MITHUN THE STAR IS BORN".
In my wildest of my dreams I never even dreamt that Mithun Chakraborty the volcano of talent would travel this far to be applauded by people all over the Globe. He is the only actor whose debut film won the coveted National Award .The success story followed with films of Mithun getting best opening and there came the film of the century by B Subhash titled"DISCO DANCER". The film was dedicated to Mithun’s dancing acumen and it was well received by everyone all over India. Mithun fever spread out to RUSSIA and it created history of sorts with "DISCO DANCER" celebrating Silver Jubilee then Golden Jubilee in RUSSIA. Mithun is the only Indian actor who became darling of trillions of Russians after Showman Late RAJ KAPOOR.Mithun’s popularity did sky rocket and all his future films released became Jubilee Hits.
With so much of popularity attached to him MITHUN the human remained the same for years together. Mithun the human was more humble and generous towards poor and was finally labeled as MESSIAH and GODFATHER. He kept on helping the poor and downtrodden with medical help and also with educational backup.In the beginning of 90’s our dear Mithun Daa left for OOTY to build his chain of Hotels called "MONARCH". He has built some in these years but left Bollywood . He kept on acting in ordinary films dished out from Tamil Nadu just to help the poor and the needy.
Come 2003 Shri Ali Peter John of Screen whose popular column titled "Ali’s Notes" carried several request letters to Mithun Chakraborty the actor to re-start his Bollywood’s "A" Grade films to help his trillions of admirers all over the globe to enjoy his "Volcano of Talent" once again. Shri Anupam Kher the then author of "ASK ANUPAM" column in "SCREEN" ably edited by UDAYA TARA NAIR , at present indefatigable MADAM BHAWANA SOMAAYA is editing the WEEKLY OF THE FAMILY "SCREEN" .In his most popular column"ASK ANUPAM" he too praised Mithun a lot. For one of my questions fired at Anupam Ji he even compared our Dada with RAJANIKANTH the Godfather of South India. He used to answer every question put on Mithun to him by his readers. Fortunately I as
close to Anupam Ji as because I used to shoot out umpteen questions a week and finally Anupam Ji declared me as "QUESTION MACHINE OF THE MILLENIUM" which I even today re-cap and enjoy. With ALI PETER JOHN,ANUPAM KHER,ROOPAN NARAYAN and admirers like me
kept on requesting Mithun to come back to Bollywood with a band which he had done with films like Vikram Bhatt’s "ELAAN", Late Gulshan Kumar’s "LUCKY",B.Subhash’s film on Dance and above all "RAAKH". Many producers and directors are queuing up to sign Mithun and Mahakshay together for their films.
Is there anyone in Bollywood to attempt a CASTING COUP of sorts by casting Legend AMITABH BACHCHAN WITH MITHUN CHAKRABORTY AND DANCING SENSATION OF 2ST CENTURY CALLED MAHAKSHAY MITHUN CHAKRABORTY WITH DARLING OF TRILLIONS HRITHIK ROSHAN. The film will turn out to be a master blaster of sorts if done. The poor man’s Amitabh as he is called did bring Amitabh’s "AGNEEPATH" yet another National Award to boast of.

As the English proverb says "Like Father Like Son" Dada’s elder son MAHAKSHAY MITHUN CHAKRABORTY petly called as MIMOH carries on his dear father’s good work by replying every e-mail he receives . The untiring father Mithun had given birth to yet another JUNIOR MITHUN called Mahakshay. If things go well , Almighty will bless the little Mithun to shine like a SUN in days to come. I wish to close my "LETTER" by wishing MITHUN,MAHAKSHAY,YOGEETHA BHABHI and Mithun’s studying little ones all the best in their future endeavors. My dream of creating "MITHUN FRIENDSHIP BRIDGE" uniting admirers all over the globe is bearing fruit and I expect it to grow like a BANYAN TREE in years to come.

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